The way rent-to-buy works is that you rent a week annually for 4 years, but with the option of purchasing the week before the end of this period. The option to purchase, after having had the opportunity to experience the resort first hand, as well as spreading the costs over a longer period, makes your decision to purchase more reassured and financially viable.

There are two types of week available on Rent-to-Buy, namely Flexi Week and Fixed Week.

Flexi Week: As a Flexi Week client you rent an out-of-season week at your own Timeshare Resort every year, subject to availability. All flexi week clients in the same chalet share in the same Flexi Pool for that chalet, thus the weeks are allocated on a “first come, first served basis.”

Fixed Week: As a Fixed Week client, you rent your chosen week (relating to the same vacation time each year) and are allocated that week to use each year. Fixed weeks are generally in-season weeks and are based on the Gauteng School Holidays.